Self assessment Tool for VPL Counsellors

Self assessment tool for counsellors* working with validation of prior learning (VPL)

This is your personal self-assessment account. You can print your results, including the further development plan that you have created yourself, after you have finished your self-assessment. You may return back to your assessment later on, edit it or retake the self-assessment. All your previous self-assessments will be saved on your personal account, where you can just click on the latest version and amend your answers. 

Use: self assessment according to processes that are typical for VPL counsellors in validation. The tool comprises of two sections. In the first section, you are assessing your underpinning knowledge of VPL (more theoretical) and in the second section, you are assessing your underpinning occupational competences (more practical). In case any of the questions does not apply to your VPL system,  you may choose "Not applicable", which does not reduce your overall results.

To whom: VPL counsellors working with validation of prior learning.

Result: information in graphical form of your strengths and development needs along with a further development plan that you can design according to your own needs in the open questions part after each category.

This set of tools is partly based on NVL publication Nordic Competence Profiles of Validation Practitioners and Competence Development.

*Counsellor here refers to all persons providing guidance and counselling services in the validation process.