Evaluation Tool for VPL Procedures and Quality

This evaluation tool describes eight critical phases in the VPL process.

Each of the phases include indicators, that lead you to evaluate the VPL process and existing Quality Assurance mechanisms in your VPL system. After each phase, you can tailor your own action plan, how to improve and develop VPL in your context.

NB! If you have many VPL systems in your country (e.g. in different education sectors), it is recommended to answer from the viewpoint of one VPL system. In case you wish to evaluate all the systems, please, use the open questions to elaborate on the different practices or policies in your country.

Aim: quality assurance and development of QA mechanisms in different phases of validation

To whom: people responsible for quality assurance; managers; coordinators of validation practitioners

Result: information about the strengths of your validation process and needs for development including an action plan for quality development in validation

This tool is based on the NVL publication Quality Model for Validation in the Nordic Countries