Evaluation Tool for VPL Policies and Practices

The evaluation tool for VPL Policies and Practices comprises of seven categories and several subcategories with indicators

By evaluating your VPL system according to the indicators, you will be able to get an overall picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your VPL -system. In case any of the questions is irrelevant with regard to your VPL -system, you may opt to answer "Not applicable".  It is recommended that this evaluation is carried out every couple of years in order to pinpoint any developments. 

NB! If you have many VPL systems in your country (e.g. in different education sectors), it is recommended to answer from the viewpoint of one VPL system. In case you wish to evaluate all the systems, please, use the open questions to elaborate on the different practices or policies in your country.

This tool also allows you to carry out a development plan for further improvement of your VPL -system.

Aim: evaluation (short term), monitoring (long term) of your VPL -system and benchmarking between VPL -systems

To whom: individuals developing validation systems and policies (e.g. educational authorities or policy makers) or carrying out benchmarking activities (either between sectors or even countries)

Result: information in graphical form of your validation system’s strengths and areas that require further development. A development plan (according to your replies in open questions embedded in the tool)

This tool is based on an NVL report Validation and the Value of Competences – Roadmap 2018.